Two songs with awesome instrumentals. But which one rules the pony chart? Let's find out in this battle!

Find The Purpose In Your Life (from "The Fault in Our Cutie Marks")

This song was particularly cute, but why do I think the CMC's songs sound the same?! Gabby had a great singing voice and my favorite bit of the song had to be "she's so good, it's frightening!" LOL. But still, I think the CMC's songs sound the same. Idk...

A Changeling Can Change (from "The Times They Are A Changeling")

Spike's first solo was a-maze-ing and many MLP songs make me cry but this one touched me the most. The way Spike sang, the way they animated Thorax was awesome and it was just so touching...

These songs may be alike in every way, or they may be totally different. Who knows?

Make your opinion! Choose which song matches your taste.

Signing off until next time, 

Amazingcocoguy923 aka JustinPony923.