Welcome, guys to my 3rd installment of Battle Of The Songs! Today's battle is Luna's Future vs. This Day Aria. Two dramatic songs full of amazing instrumentals and perfect voices just to go with it!!!

Anyway,without further ado, let's start!

Luna's Future (from "A Hearth's Warming Tail")

This song is full of dramatic elements, Luna was the perfect character to sing this particular song. If you listen to the instrumental, it makes me think of a battlefield raging. That's how good this song is.

This Day Aria (from "A Canterlot Wedding") 

Just like Luna's Future, this song is full of dramaticly dramatic elements and it's so hard whether to decide that Luna's Future is as good as this one... The song could go with the song above...

Thanks for reading! :) Please comment down below on the song YOU think is more dramatic because I can't decide...

Signing off until next time,