Welcome to my 2nd installment of Battle Of The Songs! Just a quick note to say that this program will be published on Wikia every 3 days. I've got two songs with amazing lyrics, beautiful instrumentals and powerful singing. So, let's see which song will top the comments off. Last battle, we had The Magic Inside winning the battle, but which song will win this one?

Say Goodbye to the Holiday (from "A Hearth's Warming Tail") - Sang by Starlight Glimmer (Snowfall Frost)

This song had plenty of power in it and was amazing. So menacing, so evil-like and the voice is fantastic. If you listen to the instrumental to this song, it makes me forget that I'm even listening to a song from a kids' show. That's as good as it can get, guys.

The Pony I Want to Be (from "Crusaders of the Lost Mark") - Sang by Diamond Tiara

First we had a dramatic song, next we have such an emotional one. This song is as good as Out On My Own because of the voice, because of the amazing lyrics added to it, of course the instrumental was lovely, it made me shed a tear, (sniff...) 

These songs are too amazing that I can't even explain that much...

Once again, comment down below to see which song YOU think is the best. And that's all for now! Hope you enjoy! :)

Signing off until next time,