Presenting my favorite pony of all time, Fluttershy! The sweet and quiet and shy Fluttershy. I can't help but create a page based on THE best episodes of the cutest little pony ever. I mean, can you think of something cuter?! (Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake)

The Hooffields and McColts (S05E23)

Fluttershy goes over, along with Twilight, to the Smoky Mountains to help solve a feud between two families who are frequently arguing and destroying the beautiful lands. The Hooffields are just as problematic as The McColts, who both, keeping on firing pumpkins?! (I thought Halloween is finished) When coming towards the end of the episode, Fluttershy steps up and explains the history of the two ponies who found the two families together, which of course, stops the families arguing. (I couldn't really explain this one!)

Filli Vanilli (S04E14)

AWWWWW! So adorable! Now, everypony knows that Fluttershy has stage fright, but she really stepped up her game with the potion used in Bridle Gossip, to make Flutterguy, because Big Mac has lost his voice! Oh yeah, and when the Ponytones performed their musical piece in several places, of course, Fluttershy had to be disguised somewhere.

School performance - Outside of the window

Outside performance - Barrel

Spa performance - Underwater and so on...

Stare Master (S01E17)

When the CMC come over to Fluttershy's for a sleepover, this really showed how much Fluttershy's cuteness involved in the show. For e.g. playing a quiet game, or doing some colouring, or having a nice quiet tea party. Those old-fashioned activites, not forgetting the quiet game method, had really showed Fluttershy's personality to the viewers.

Now, I know this page wasn't as informative as before, but I have to stop right there now, because I have to catch up on my studies! :)

Signing off until next time,