This is the most talented pony who I've ever seen! Countess Coloratura. As seen in The Mane Attraction, Countess has a personality of not just 1 particular artist but 2 PARTICULAR artists! I'll give you a clue as to which artists I'm talking about.

The Spectacle - She is an artist with a raspy voice and she has been singing since 2009. Did you guess?

Answer: Lady Gaga!

The Magic Inside - An artist who has released a very popular single, Hello!

Answer: Adele! (hello from the other side...)

So then. As I have mentioned in my 'The Mane Attraction (Official Review)' page, Countess impersonates (in a hoof way) 2 legendary artists! 

BIG Question:

Which song do you like more? Comment down below and feel free to edit!

From amazingcocoguy923 aka Coco.

My opinion: The Magic Inside (because of her AMAZING voice!) (fainted!)