I wonder if it would be good to predict a first five episodes for the upcoming season, Season 7? HMM? 

S07E01 - The Mane 7 - Part 1 (Starlight Glimmer, ruled up by the princess, has finally joined the Mane 6, but has struggled to fit in. The ponies will have to try and let her feel welcome. To help do this, Twilight decides to set up a dinner table for the Mane 5 and Starlight to dine.)

S07E02 - The Mane 7 - Part 2 (Plans for a Royal Feast hasn't got up to plan because Rarity wants the dining table to be pristine and grand, while Applejack wants the table to be simple and plain. The two bicker while Starlight slowly steps out of the castle, to the Hayburger instead. Having spotted this, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy eventually manage to tiptoe quietly and join her. The twosome continue bickering, while they notice that the others are gone. They walk around Ponyville and eventually join the others at the Hayburger. They all make friends at the end.)

S07E03 - Princess Sisterhooves Social (Princess Luna thinks that life as a princess is boring, so she asks Princess Celestia if they could compete in this year's Sisterhooves Social. Princess Celestia agrees, and the twosome eventually get muddy, sticky from grapes etc.)

S07E04 - Don't Spoil My Saddle! (There's a new rodeo at Appleoosa, and Applejack is eager to take part. She orders a brand-new saddle, for the horses she rides on. While preparing her props for the rodeo, Apple Bloom notices the saddle and takes the saddle over to Big Mac, to take her ride. When Applejack notices Apple Bloom riding on Big Mac, on board her saddle, she runs out onto the yard and suspends Apple Bloom from ever taking the saddle without permission.)

S07E05 - The Magical Threesome (Twilight organises a trip to Manehattan for Starlight Glimmer and Trixie, for 'Friends Giving Gifts Day'. Luckily, this is the day when Trixie visits Starlight Glimmer and they are for a big surprise. They meet along with Twilight, and then the threesome walk over to the train station to board their train. All is well, but their train has run out of coal. Trixie knows where to find coal, in the flame-cano where the dragon lands are located. The three ponies un-board the train and make way on hoof, to the Dragon Lands to fetch some coal for the train to get it back in business.)

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