New episode, new reaction page. I had to skip all the way to the episode 'No Second Prances' because it was really good! Starlight Glimmer had finally made a new friend. The third appearance of the Great and Powerful Trixie has come even better! She looked evil at the beginning but just showed to the viewers how she'd really reformed back in Magic Duel. So then. Twilight Sparkle + Starlight Glimmer + Trixie = A Truly Magical Threesome! What could be better?! For some reason, I feel like my 4th favorite character, Twilight Sparkle had been a bit mean this episode. I mean, she said she trusted Starlight Glimmer to make new friends by herself, but didn't succeed as Starlight made friends with the one and only Trixie. Friends, made friends. Speaking of friends, Starlight's friends were meant to be joining the ever-so-special dinner with Twilight and Princess Celestia to show how better a pony Starlight really is! But Starlight met with Trixie and had planned to attend the magic show of Trixie. (pssst! Princess Celestia really looks stuck-up during this episode!!!)

Signing off until next time,

Amazingcocoguy923 aka J.R. Mendoza.