OMG! Has anypony seen the Season 6 promo of MLP? Baby Flurry Heart may look sweet and all, but she looks hideous... (as said on my 'Baby Flurry Heart' page) OK... I may be a little bit picky but in The Crystalling Pt. 2 has a Frozen (2013 film) reference! Stop eternal winter... Stop eternal winter... STOP ETERNAL WINTER! (maybe said a little bit too much so I can just calm down for a scooch...) 

Ok, ok, ok. Baby Flurry Heart looks hideous and she also has out of control magic (which she sneezes out) looks like Starlight Glimmer... eyes bulging at the viewer's eyes, h... have I just... OK... (that may be enough negative points now, BUT SHE STILL LOOKS UGLY! (apologies!)