4 episodes, which have a totally musical side about them. Magical Mystery Cure (S03E13) Pinkie Pride (S04E12) Crusaders of the Lost Mark (S05E18) A Hearth's Warming Tail (S06E08) All with 6 or 7 songs. Surprisingly, all these episodes are my favorite as they are so musical... Recently released episode 'A Hearth's Warming Tail' really topped off the charts of my liking as it was so good to watch! Say Goodbye to the Holiday gave me some This Day Aria vibes. Think back a couple of months ago, when the CMC tried to make Diamond Dazzle Tiara a whole other pony, The Pony I Want to Be was just so touching... Now time to get crazy with The Goof Off in Pinkie Pride! It gave me chills to encounter a live-action chicken and a live-action alligator!!! And back 3 seasons ago when Twilight Sparkle turned into a Alicorn. Celestia's Ballad touched my tears away when Celestia had such a beautiful voice. If anypony has noticed that there is a literal video version of the song on YouTube uploaded by 'missbunnieswan'. So funny! But these episodes were amazing and I don't know which is my favorite!!!

Signing off until next time,

Amazingcocoguy923 aka J.R. Mendoza.