Season 5 Episode 17 - Brotherhooves Social

Here we go. Big Mac has to dress up as a girl! NNNope! Poor Big Mac. He has to go to the Sisterhooves Social with Apple Bloom. (giggle)

Season 5 Episode 21 - Scare-Master

Fluttershy, oh Fluttershy. Why be so scared of Nightmare Night? (halloween as we call it) Try and host a scary tea party! I have seen the preview of Scare-Master anyway. Nightmare Night is so fun! Awesome preview. Cannot wait for the full episode of Scare-Master.

Coming soon on Season 5...

Season 5 Episode 22 - What About Discord?

Season 5 Episode 23 - The Hooffields and McColts

Season 5 Episode 24 - The Mane Attraction

Season 5 Episode 25 - The Cutie Remark - Part 1

Season 5 Episode 26 - The Cutie Remark - Part 2