As you can see my 'Hearthswarming Heritage' page was a success, here is Nightmare Nirvana! Two episodes go head to head. Let's sum this page up pony/style! A previous season HAS to be celebrated again! (scary)

S02E04 - Luna Eclipsed

S05E21 - Scare Master

BIG Question: 

Which episode is better? Either S02E04 or S05E21. Comment down below!

MY Opinion:

I think Scare Master was better because Fluttershy braved her fears for the first time in pony history! (it's a miracle!) I don't know about Luna Eclipsed because it was a bit boring? I don't know! But S05E21 - Scare Master was my personal favorite.

Hope you've enjoyed, everypony! A page of Season 5 - Favorites will be coming soon...

From amazingcocoguy923 aka Coco.