As the Mane 6 all have pets, I decided to compile a list in ranking order, to see which pet is the one for me. It has been difficult, and I had several minutes thinking and thinking which one should go where. So, without further ado, I shall start that list!

No. 6 - Angel 

I don't dislike Angel, it's just that he's kinda cheeky at the older seasons and pesky a lot, and when Spike is trying to take care all of the animals, he runs away, and he's the only one not captured yet. So I rank him 6th place.

No. 5 - Opalescence

Is it me or is Opal's only reaction angriness? I don't know but she does smile. Once again, I don't think Opalescence doesn't really have that much personality, but she's cute and somewhat lively and easily gets bothered by Rarity. Therefore, I rank her 5th place.

No. 4 - Gummy

Gummy's... surprisingly quiet. But that quietness shocked me when he suddenly began to narrate in Slice of Life. That narration, was deep. Really deep. And I loved that famous 'slurping the eyes' moment at the end after that narration by Gummy. I pronounce him ranked in 4th place.

No. 3 - Winona

Aww! Rounding up! 

Aww! Applejack's pet!

Aww! Getting bit in the ear by Gummy and Applejack's drowsiness?! (oops, off task)

Anyway, Winona is smart, and takes place in several episodes. She steps up her place in portraying a unicorn, rounding up several Pinkie Pies, and yeah! She's one cute little dog. Ranking at 3rd place is... Winona! 

No. 2 - Tank

Tank is so cute. He actually might me one of the oldest pets in this list! Has anypony noticed that in the crying scene in Tanks for the Memories, where Rainbow Dash is wearing Tank slippers and Tank is wearing Rainbow Dash slippers, that just made me cry myself. And Rainbow even wears the slippers again in Applejack's "Day" Off! Coming at No. 2 ranking place is Tank! 

No. 1 - Owlowiscious

I had to choose Owlowiscious. Because how I adore owls, and the faces he makes at Spike in Inspiration Manifestation. He's lively, he's cute, Spike thinks he's creepy... But I definitely disagree with him. 

So everypony, that's my list for today!

If anypony disagrees with my choosings, it's perfectly fine because these are just my opinions. :)

Please feel free to comment down below what YOUR rankings for the pets above are. 

Signing off until next time,