We have 3 ponies in the series that may be a bit unusual, but 1 of them may actually be one of the best ponies! Oh, come on! Isn't it that obvious?!

Pony No. 1 - Derpy

She may have spoken in episodes, but looks VERY cute! I'm lovin' the cross-eyed pony! (best pony?)

Pony No. 2 - Screwball

Now this pony has appeared in The Return of Harmony, Part 2. Daughter of Discord, you may have seen 'Daddy Discord' by YouTube channel, MadameLeFlour. The video has mixed emotions. Great about the duet singing but kinda shocked about the appearance of Screwball. #and you, are my daddy discord...

Pony No. 3 - Screwy

Woof! Grr! Woof, woof! Grrrrr! Woof! .. Now this pony has appeared in Read It and Weep. Woof! Grr! 

These ponies may look a bit weird, but comment below to see if I missed anypony out! 

Weirdest pony: Screwball