Rarity just opened up her third boutique in Manehattan, and her flagship store was a success! But there are three boutiques in place and which one is the best? I think I have an answer, but I won't reveal it until I place my opinions into a ranking list, which will be a short one. So, without further ado, let's compile this list! :)

Boutique No. 3 - Carousel Boutique

It is the home of Rarity, and is classified as a boutique, but I don't think that many customers do come in her boutique. Perhaps it is her homeplace which makes ponies busy, and I don't even see any sales that much, so I rank this boutique, last place.

Boutique No. 2 - Canterlot Boutique

I don't mean (Season 5 Episode 14) I mean the fabulous boutique itself. The sales has improved greatly, and Rarity has found herself a good manager. Sassy Saddles! The boutique is very colourful, and that ending of Canterlot Boutique featured a fat green pony (OH MY GAWSH! A SALE!) LOL. That makes this boutique second place!

Boutique No. 1 - Manehattan Boutique

This boutique is certainly the most unique out of all three, and how would've thought of a danceclub/boutique? Also, this boutique provides snacks. So, basically this is now a danceclub/restaurant/boutique? Awesome! That makes this amazing boutique first place.

So ponies, that's it for now. And another information-filled page will be coming tomorrow! :)

Please feel free to comment down below on your opinions about these three fabulous boutiques. See you next time!

Signing off until next time,