First, Smile HD, and now Cupcakes HD. What next?! Why do these videos always have to feature 'Pinkie Pie' killing her friends?! It is just horrible and disgusting! I have to say, Cupcakes HD was by far the worst. Not just killing poor 'Rainbow Dash', but opening her skin and pulling all of her insides!!! (ew...) So then, Pinkie wanted an apprentice baker, more like an ingredient than a baker! And plus, the music is freakin' happy! Are you serious?! I have no idea why a brony wanted to create something so careless! It wasn't very pleasant to see, and it wasn't appropiate to kids either! I have to say, this was a horrible experience. Something really innocent and cute turned into video full of gore and killing characters. MUCH worse than Smile HD, (10x worse!) DaveDavy and your ugly crew, that has to be the final of the horror series because I can't take much more! First of all, we see Rainbow and Pinkie baking cupcakes, the next thing you see that Rainbow Dash had to be buried. I had to react to this because commenters on my Smile HD page wanted me to react to Cupcakes HD! (and breathe, and out.) I just need a moment of mindfulness...

Amazingcocoguy923 aka J.R. Mendoza (Coco) 

Reaction to Fluttershy plays Sonic Dreams Collection coming next week!