OK... Dress.MOV is a video by Hotdiggedydemon. It is almost like the Mane 6 (including Spike) are drunk! They sound ridiculous! (Twilight almost sounds the same but she still says silly words) who has seen this piece of... trash?! Applejack has gone crazy in apples, Pinkie Pie is really an out of control party animal, Fluttershy has turned into a living nightmare, Rainbow Dash has gone lazing to bits, Rarity is a mess waiting to happen, Twilight is a unintelligent maniac... and Spike has turned the dark side. So... first time I saw Dress.MOV, Rarity has grown fatter (not in real life) and her voice is different. No idea there were mexicans... The video was very inappropiate towards children! I have never been so shocked! This video is quite the opposite of the Mane 6. (including Spike)