I am back with another page of Reacting Is Magic! First we have the talented Elie Monty, now we have the amazing 20 year old Filipino actress and singer, Vannamelon! They are both absolutely flawless! Besides, has anypony seen Fluttershy playing Weird My Little Pony Games? She didn't know what to expect... but the weirdest game she's played (in my opinion) is when Pinkie Pie had her teeth procedure in the Everfree Forest! Fluttershy's right, it was disturbing...

Does anypony think that Vannamelon is spanish? Fluttershy read a description leading to a game called My CUTE Pony Day Care. It has Fluttershy without a nose! (lol) But why was she calling herself Fluttershee? I thought she said that her name was Fluttershy. (who's Fluttershee? Somepony who tryna pretend to be me) she got really mad at Siri for calling her Fluttershee and now she's calling herself THAT, VERY, NAME! Judging by the pregnancy of Twilight Sparkle (which is unusual) she might be an adult... In Fluffy Pony, we have Fluttershy as an alicorn jumping inbetween candycanes and bump! It is like Flappy Bird but way, way slower. 

DISCLAIMER: This video is already on YouTube.

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See you soon, everypony!

Amazingcocoguy923 aka Coco.