I am back, with another 'Reacting Is Magic!' page. Now, then. What was I going to tell you ponies, again??? (give me a minute) Ah, yes! Vannamelon has proceeded in a lot of videos and has uploaded another 'Let's Play' video, but this time it wasn't 'Fluttershy' who played the game, it was the talented and the amazing Vanna herself! I have Splatoon, but I don't mean to sound a little unappreciative, but I have the game of 'Splatoon' and after every game it gets a little boring... (GRRRR! Why do I always get off the subject?!) Vannamelon did a very good job once more on the MLP voices. Not only she is good on 'Fluttershy's voice, but she manages to perfect 'Gilda's voice', 'Rainbow Dash's voice' and 'Granny Smith's voices!' She is one amazing voice actor!!!