Hello, everypony! I am back once again to discuss the first legendary and funny video of Fluttershy playing Weird Pony Games. As this will be filled with information,  I am going to add 3 links to videos which will help me and you out there, relax. So without further ado...

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3 Links To Help You Meditate, Sleep, Study and much more...

I hope these links did you good! So let's go on with the review.

Vannamelon is really talented but she's expressed her talent greatly through the first part of her Weird Pony Games gameplays... (Fluttershy plays Weird Pony Games | HUH? | Part 1

This awesome video started it all. The amusing story begins with Fluttershy encountering Twilight Sparkle pregnant.

And then the whole word, disturbing comes out of Fluttershy's mouth for the first time. 

Now, Fluttershy may have been shocked with this one, but there are a whole other games outside for Fluttershy to get shocked about.... Well, Fluttershy had to go through the sight of "cutting" Twilight..., then she has to relieve her with some "magical monster water thing" to make the cut go away... And then the beginning scene repeats. And then surprisingly, the creators of this game had the idea to weigh newborn Twilight in Elsa's Castle, because that's where they weigh babies? Let alone baby ponies?!

And then we go over to Sugarcube Corner. I wouldn't really call this game weird, but I'll review it anyway. Does Pinkie Pie really sell apples? Does Pinkie Pie really sell coffee? Does Pinkie Pie usually give away free corn? Does Pinkie... (Ok, that's enough questions...) So, this game basically is a memory game. Once again, I wouldn't really call it weird... BALLOON!!! (Says Fluttershy)

Next, we mosey along to the Everfree Forest to perform a procedure with Pinkie Pie!!! What could be better?! Well, disturbing or not disturbing, Fluttershy eventually manages to take out all Pinkie's teeth, which shows the dancing uvula, dancing to the game's beat. And of course, Fluttershy had to get in the detail of everything! 

Somehow, Rainbow Dash has turned back into a filly. And whilst I'm typing this blog in September, of course every filly should go back to school. Well, some of the makers of this game probably should've double checked their game. because in the instructions, it says "let's help her make a great new hairstyle, you can cut her hair, make it grown..." MAKE IT GROWN? Twilight Sparkle, we need your grammar help here!!!

Now, Twilight Sparkle has the ability to change her complete style over. I can tell you my favorite part of this game... (ISN'T THAT MY EYEBALLS?!?!?!) I laughed so hard at that one...

Flappy Bird + My Little Pony makes My Fluffy Pony. Well, birds can be fluffy? I guess Vannamelon's never played Flappy Bird before because Fluttershy reacted shocked at the classic bang of the Flappy Bird game. I guess bumping into the candycane hurts...

Old skool MLP! This one, along with the Pinkie Pie selling game, I really wouldn't call it weird because it is innocent... But at the end of this gameplay made me wonder. Fluttershy wanted to send the dancing pony video to Discord. But would he really like that? 

Now. Pinkie Pie may be crazy. But she isn't THAT crazy!!! Somehow the shower takes ages for Fluttershy to clean Pinkie Pie. I think it's Pinkie Pie??? Idk... Anyways, the song Vannamelon sings makes me want a copy of the track! It's so catchy!

How on earth did human Fluttershy manage to enter the pony version Rarity's boutique? Well, obviously you need a strawberry pack. But if it was Pinkie Pie, she'd lick the pack all clean from her face!

I hope you enjoyed this blog. The second review will be coming soon! :)

Signing off until next time, 

Amazingcocoguy923 aka JustinPony923.