As seen in Luna Eclipsed, here is the second 'Nightmare Night' (Halloween) so far in the series so here is a quick review of Scare Master!

As you can see in the beginning, Fluttershy boards up her cottage as always every 'Nightmare Night' as she is terrified at the season. We're skipping over to where Fluttershy hosts her 'scary' tea party. When the other ponies leave, she realises that she has been taking baby steps about 'Nightmare Night' Here is where the best part of the episode begins to start. Back at the corn maze, the 'Mane 5' fall into a sudden hole. Applejack thought she saw Granny Smith in an armchair where she realises that it wasn't! Skipping again to the Flutterbat part where the others got frightened of her! (their faces!)

Overall: Fantastic

Fantastic episode.