Season 7 has finally arrived in the midst of our eyes, and what an amazing three episodes so far! This season is definitely going to change something! (Have you noticed that there are two new writers...)

Celestial Advice: Review 

Anyway, the first episode started off strong with loads of previous characters featured from the show. Twilight Sparkle's perspective has been getting better by the minute, not forgetting Celestia's touching advice given. It was nice to see the Twilight and Starlight having such a forged relationship (hugging) in the end.

NOTE: Did Spike dance with Sweetie Belle AGAIN?!

All Bottled Up: Review

Looks like this episode continued on from the next day! Yet again, the Mane 6 are off on another event, leaving the fantastic trio (Spike, Trixie and Starlight Glimmer) with the whole castle in their hands. Spike's just doing his usual business, while the dynamic duo struts their stuff with the learning of one of them magic spells. Trixie's personality of just getting on with whatever she's doing definitely relates to me! :)

NOTE: No Trixie(s) were harmed in the making of this episode...

A Flurry of Emotions: Review

OMG, where do I start?! This episode was absolutely fantastic, and the amount of cuteness almost killed me! (not too literally thank goodness) Flurry Heart was as cute as ever, Twilight has changed into a B.A.E, and Spike... he's just Spike!

Thank you for taking the time to see this blog and I'll see you guys next time! :)

-- Amazingcocoguy923 aka Rainbow Sparkles