Welcome to Season Special! This type of thing includes episodes, ponies, and seasons. 

Season 1 = 26 episodes

Season 2 = 26 episodes

Season 3 = 13 episodes (worst season, of my opinion)

Season 4 = 26 episodes 

Season 5 = 26 episodes (best season, of my opinion)

Season 6 = ???

Mane 6:

Twilight Sparkle (alicorn)

Rarity (unicorn)

Rainbow Dash (pegasus)

Fluttershy (pegasus)

Pinkie Pie (earth pony)

AppleJack (earth pony)

BIG Question:

So, how old do you think the Mane 6 are? Here's my opinion.

Twilight - 16 years old

Rarity - 17 years old

Fluttershy - 19 years old

Pinkie Pie - 15 years old

Applejack - 18 years old

Rainbow Dash - 17 years old

In my mind, I think they are pony(teenagers) Comment down below, everypony to see if my opinions are wrong. 

Best Pony: Derpy(hooves)

Worst Pony: Tree Hugger (so sorry!)

Best Episode(s): The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 1The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2

Worst Episode: Filli Vanilli (very sorry of those who like this episode!) (because of the song!)

Well everypony, I hope you have enjoyed my 1st edition of Season Special! Season Special (Giant Review) Part 2 coming soon!