Welcome to Season Special! This page includes ponies, episodes and even places! Let's sum this list up pony/style! Here are my personal favorites of Season 5.

List of Season 5:

S05E01 - The Cutie Map - Part 1

S05E02 - The Cutie Map - Part 2

S05E03 - Castle Sweet Castle

S05E04 - Bloom & Gloom

S05E05 - Tanks for the Memories

S05E06 - Appleloosa's Most Wanted

S05E07 - Make New Friends But Keep Discord

S05E08 - The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone

S05E09 - Slice of Life (100th Episode)

S05E10 - Princess Spike

S05E11 - Party Pooped

S05E12 - Amending Fences

S05E13 - Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?

S05E14 - Canterlot Boutique

S05E15 - Rarity Investigates!

S05E16 - Made in Manehattan

S05E17 - Brotherhooves Social

S05E18 - Crusaders of the Lost Mark

S05E19 - The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows

S05E20 - Hearthbreakers

S05E21 - Scare Master

S05E22 - What About Discord?

S05E23 - The Hooffields and McColts

S05E24 - The Mane Attraction

S05E25 - The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 1

S05E26 - The Cutie Map - Part 2


Which episode do you like the best? Here are mine:

S05E15 - Rarity Investigates!

Comment: A very good film noir... (made me sleep...)

S05E17 - Brotherhooves Social

Comment: Big MacIntosh, BIG Mistake...

S05E21 - Scare Master

Comment: A classic favorite for me. Fluttershy braved her fears! Awesome episode but not the best... 

Trivia: Somepony was dressed in Twilight Sparkle! I can't help but notice that Derpy or Derpy Hooves looked ridiculous in that costume! (actually one of the best)

S05E23 - The Hooffields and McColts

Comment: Now this episode is interesting. A feuding family episode! Too angry. Too nasty. Too good...

S05E24 - The Mane Attraction

Comment: As I have mentioned on one of my previous pages, Countess Coloratura is very talented!

Trivia: I have mentioned this already, but she impersonates (but in a hoof way) two legendary artists! Lady Gaga in The Spectacle and Adele in The Magic Inside! My favorite song is definitely The Magic Inside. Now, that is a record that has to be sold! Another pony who looks kinda like Lady Gaga is Photo Finish in Green Isn't Your Color. Sounds like Lady Gaga, looks like Lady Gaga. 

S05E25 and 26 - The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 1The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2

Comment: Now, I have so much to talk about in this particular episode! Amazing,Amazing, Bravo! This episode is my personal, personal favorite! Starlight Glimmer is rather a tiny bit too fierce in Part 1, but has reformed beautifully in Part 2. I may have missed out on a lot on this episode, but I don't even have any time to realise the points! 

Overall: 100% (My most favorite season of all time!)

Au revoir, Season 5.

Now, this page has took a lot of thought but, I hope you have enjoyed this everypony! (phew!)

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