Sometimes you need a little emotion in your heart. To help get over your needs, and hopes and fears. Anyway, the thing I like most is the amount of emotion MLP packs in into these emotional songs:

The Pony I Want to Be/The Pony I Want to Be (Reprise)

Of all the things a villain needs to reform back to themselves, they will need a emotional song to help them drive the mean and cruel moments away. For example, Diamond Dazzle Tiara (or Diamond Tiara) sings a beautiful song introducing the wants of Diamond Tiara wanting to find out why her parents are so... (what's that word?) They could've said to their daughter that there's another way to make a better life for her. But this song reminds me of an another song in 'Toy Story 2' called 'When She Loved Me' sang by feisty cowboy Jessie. Two beautiful songs, both truly emotional. *thinking about emotion*