Because I haven't been on the Wiki for quite a bit, I thought I could compile together a list of 5 songs of Season 6, which are my favourite. I spent several minutes trying to think which one should be included because there are so many and the songs are sang beautifully!

No. 5 - Hearth's Warming Eve Is Here Once Again (A Hearth's Warming Tail)

Opening one of the most musical episodes in the series, 'Hearth's Warming Eve Is Here Once Again' explains how eager the ponies are to celebrate Hearthswarming early, but why in May? Of course, every musical episode should have a song including a reprise because it is so good! (once again, I couldn't really explain this song that much...)

No. 4 - It's Gonna Work (Spice Up Your Life)

Coming in at No. 4, is the latest song, 'It's Gonna Work'. I loved this song too! Because of its Indian vibes, that's what makes this song so unique. No other song in the series samples some Indian vibes. And this song really did (Spice My Life Up!)

No. 3 - Out On My Own (On Your Marks)

Wow! Where do I start? This song marks Apple Bloom's first solo single and it is simply beautiful. Wanting to find out Apple Bloom's true self within her, and that angelic voice is so beautiful... (10/10 for Michelle Creber!) Also, this song is the first song of Season 6 and... I have no words... because this song is amazing... (I might have to say this again, but once more, I couldn't really explain this one because it was so touching...)

No. 2 - Luna's Future (A Hearth's Warming Tail)

Every single thing that I love about Princess Luna, right here, I love ever so much. Another thing that makes this totally awesome, is that it has just the right amount of reverb to make it more dramatic. I hope we get more stuff like this from the other characters too. It makes me feel like this song isn't even from the show, but from the fandom! Good job, guys!

No. 1 - Say Goodbye to the Holiday (A Hearth's Warming Tail)

Woah, woah, woah! This Day Aria vibes! Coming back to the evil Starlight Glimmer... (not really) This song made me speechless because the amount of powerful singing, the amount of suspense added to the song, the amount of shock and awe... It was amazing and I have to say... A Hearth's Warming Tail had plenty of amazing songs that could easily include of them. That's how much I enjoyed the episode, and that very episode is my favorite of MLP so far. Snowfall Frost really wanted to cancel the celebrations of Hearthswarming, and this song explained her actions, ever so well.

I hope you enjoyed this page, and feel free to comment down below :)

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