Hey guys! New birthday game, except with fictional characters! Have fun!

January: You get to spend the weekend with X

February: You impress X, and he/she asks for your autograph

March: Over time you began to dislike X because...(Your choice)

April: X surprises you by making an appearance at your birthday party.

May: You and X switch bodies

June: You get to go with X on an adventure to (your choice)

July: You make a character and it becomes more popular then X

August: You discover that X is a fraud and needs to be stopped before he/she does something terrible!

September: You discover you're long lost brother/sister is X

October: You go trick or treating and X answers the door

November: You are personally invited by X to a very special party

December: You receive a huge Christmas present from X, which happens to be a (your choice)

X: (not exactly sure y'all will be familiar with all of these, but I gave it my best shot.)

1st:Robin Hood 2nd:Merlin 3rd:MickeyMouse 4th:HarryPotter 5th:(Your choice) 6th:Batman 7th:Mario 8th:Peter pan 9th:Pikachu 10th:TheJoker 11th:Maleficent 12th:IronMan 13th:QueenElsa 14th:JackFrost 15th:Yoshi 16th:DarthVader 17th:Superman 18th:Shrek 19th:FixItFelixJr 20th:DonaldDuck 21st:(Your choice) 22th:CaptainAmerica 23rd:LukeSkywalker 24th:CaptainKirk 25th:DoctorWho 26th:Goofy 27th:Tinkerbell 28th:Sora 29th:MaryPoppins 30th:BlackWidow 31st:(YourChoice)

Okay, I totally did this on purpose. :P But mine is:

You get to go with Sora on an adventure to help Captain America win the war. Awesome! x3