Hey guys. I noticed around the time i was away, people were beginning to question my absence. I'm sorry for disappearing, I never meant to go completely inactive, but my life has been getting in the way of things. I have been on the MLP forums lately to chat with a few of my friends and post art on DeviantART however, but i haven't been able to make time much time here. Recently my device i use to come here, has stopped working...I'm getting a new one within the next two weeks or so, but i can't promise i will be as active as i used to be. i've gained alot of responsibility over the time i've been inactive. i'll have more free days to come here within the next few months, but right now i just don't have the time. I just thought i'd drop by, Just so y'all are aware (wink2)Have a nice day! (squee)