Okay, i came up with a fluttershy episode and wanted to share it with ya'll. here it is...Neverending depression:

One day, fluttershy came across a red baby bird by itself who needed a home. Fluttershy couldn't help but take the pour thing home. She fed her, and gave her a nice little comfortable bird cage. the bird loved having fluttershy for an owner. every day she woke up ready to feed all her woodlin creatures, Angel, and her new bird friend "Red". a couple monthes later, she gets a ring at the front door. it was a new pony who had moved to ponyville and was in search of her pet bird. The pony spotted her bird, and told fluttershy that was hers and she wants her back. Fluttershy did not easily get over the fact she had to lose a friend. the next day, fluttershy got up feeding all her animals but was still depressed about losing "Red". later, she went into town and spotted her little bird friend not being taken care of the right way because of her owner. Fluttershy had also noticed the tiny bird was hungry. Fluttershy walked over begging the pony to be gentle with her, and feed her something. but the pony told her she did NOT need advice on how to take care of animals. Fluttershy ran home crying and not knowing what to do. 

FANMADE Fluttershy crying

Later the next day, fluttershy went into town and back to the house to feed "Red while the pony was away. the bird had missed her dearly and wanted to go back home with her. fluttershy promised the young bird she would do something about it. Fluttershy went to twilight explaining the problem and hoping she could help. 

EDIT: I'm gonna go ahead and skip finishing this story. everytime i write part 2, it sounds way too much like "A bird in a hoof"... so i guess ill go ahead and not worry about it. Thanks for the support on part 1 though! :)