I was inspired by power's user birthday game, and all of those "Find Your pony name", so now it's time for "Find your new Username"!

First letter of your first name:

A:Dragon B:Pink C:Fennec D:Sea E:Crystal F:Call G:Klepto H:Power I:Nihi J:Amelia K:Flame L:Filly M:Sentrakk N:Bunker O:Blue P:Octavia Q:Mist R:Crimson S:Epicalaxy T:James U:EHAN V:Flutter W:Zony X:Spike Y:Imperfect Z:Shadow

EDIT: I just noticed I had added Klepto twice to the top names, "W" has been switched to "Zony".

Last letter of your first name:

A:Star B:Brony C:Swirl D:20%cooler E:Theology F:Fox G:Fufu H:Lady I:Lightning J:Melody K:Mane L:Keeper M:Swirl N:Please O:Guy P:Blue Q:Azure R:Master S:Duty T:Bunny U:Dragon V:Butter W:Pirate X:(No last name) Y:Writer Z:Girl

First name: DragonStar

Middle name: KleptoTheology

Last name: FennecKeeper

Username: Dragon Master. (gasp)