Without a doubt i think they will be one of the best Season 4 episodes. I'm really excited for it, and even my brother who doesnt watch mlp anymore is even admitting he wants to see that episode.

im mostly excited that we'll be getting to see more of equestria and we'll get a better episode then TMMDW

The Villain looks pretty good too, i wonder if she'll just be a bank robber they take down immeditietly, or possibly be the main villain for the episode.

but im still curious about they're powers...

i think we're all betting Rainbow dash will have super speed, and maybe applejack have super strength. im not so sure about the others.

EDIT: also, another thing im curious to know is HOW they got to maretropolis in the first place? and how they have super powers. i guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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