Hey guys! You could say I made this after spike's hate blog(which I'm not exactly against, because it did show us different ways we could relate to struggles)

But enough about that! This is a blog talking about things we like or are proud of about ourselves. (No. this is not based on people being prideful about themselves, but rather feeling good about things they do)

Well, here's mine!

First off, I'm proud to be different...another words, weird :P

Being committed to what I love and want to do.

Being myself around my friends, and getting positive friendship from them.

Being simple minded in many things, (another words, I'm cheap in what I like :P)

Being healthy :P and by that, I mean not smoking, or drinking alcohol. Gah, I don't even find joy in such things! (sigh)

Having courage to stand up to people who had bullied me in the past.

My hair XD I like having thick hair...

I'll update later when I can think of more. Feel free to share your likes about what you do :)