Hey guys! lately i've been curious about everyones top 3 favorite blogs. they don't have to be recent, just ones you haved found yourself enjoying the most (:P)

here are mine:

The Alphabet Game! by James The Bunny

of course this would be my top favorite blog. thanks to the adventure roleplay we made there, i became much closer to some users i hadn't spoke with much..such as The Candlekeeper, Seaswirl10, KleptoBrony, Bluelighting, and last but not least UglyTurtle! :) i was already well acquainted with power, so having her there pushed me to play. (lol) anyway, i am truly grateful to James for coming up with the blog! (heart) i really enjoyed playing this with all of our adventurers! i hope we can eventually revive this. (yes)

Birthday game with users - Romance! by Spike The Dragon

i got a good kick out of this blog..alot of laughs with all the teasing that went on :P

tell a lie about the below user by Me 0.o

I was pleasantly surprised with the success on this blog i made, and i found all the lies being said there to be downright hilarious! (lol)

so what are your top 3? feel free to share in the comments! (happy)