Hey guys! I know there's several people who have been wanting me to reopen my digital art requests, but i have no time for the next month or so to do that. But As some of you might already know, i'm going to be away on a trip starting the 25th, and don't expect to be back till sometime in september. during my time away, i expect to have several hours to myself, but i won't have internet access. so i'd like to have a few things to do to fill that time. so i'm now accepting art requests (TRADITIONAL) till August 26th. if you'd like a picture of your oc, you have the choice between a portait picture or a full body. (also, i'm only accepting pony ocs. i haven't skilled myself enough to do griffons yet :/)

Examples of a portrait

Stallion portrait: (Sorry, this one's a little harder to see then the others :P)


Mare Portrait:

1eQCmSg.png (This one was made on another type of paper XP)

Examples of full body





If you'd like yours done, post the OC in the comments and tell me if you'd prefer a portrait or a full body picture. i'll check this blog within the hours until i leave, so i can get your request on my list before i leave..but if you post after the 26th, theres a minor chance of it getting done. also, i won't be able upload the picture until after i'm back. so don't expect yours to be here within a matter of days..i'll get it uploaded the minute i have a chance to. Thank you!

EDIT: I'm so sorry about how long they're taking..they're all done, but i can't find the notepad i made them all in. thanks for your patience. i'll have them posted as sooon as possible.