Hey guys! New blog :D my blog today is...What is your dream life?? I know there was something similar to this, but it would be cool to know every last little detail! Your dream job, your dream home, you name it! You can write down up to anything you'd be doing in your every day to day life.

Well, here's mine:

To start out for my home, I'd like to have a huge piece of property with a beautiful mountain view from my three story log cabin. I don't care what the inside looks like, just as long as it's nice. As for my job, I'd want to be writing a tv show and most of it's episodes, and I'd love if it became a big hit, knowing that I've put my last few years of writing to good use. I'd like to have some great (real life)friends, who support me and encourage me when I need it. And literally have no stress. (I know, I dream the impossible)

Anyway, that's my dream life. What's yours? Let me know in the comments :D