January: ********* Challenges you to an iron pony Competition.

February: You and ********* make enough love potions for all of ponyville to fall in love with a special some pony.

March: ********* breaks into your house.

April: ********* Marries into your family.

May: ********* eats all of your birthday cake.

June: you find out  ********** is your long lost sister/brother

July: ******** steals all of your money.

August: ********* throws you a surprise party

September: you and *********** go on an adventure to find the lost city of gold.

October: *********** turns you Into a vampire!

November: ********* dares you to stay the night in a deserted and haunted mansion.

December: ******** makes you muffins with worms in it.

1:Snowflake 2:Snips 3:Luna 4:Babseed 5:Applejack 6:Snails 7:SweetieBelle 8:PinkiePie 9:Derpy 10:Cadence 11:Spike 12:Roseluck 13:Daring-do 14:Discord 15:Celestia. 16:Shining-Armor  17:SunsetShimmer 18:Sombra 19:Octavia 20:Bonbon 21:Vinyl 22:Twilight sparkle 23:Trixie 24:Scootaloo 25:Mayor-mare 26:Gilda 27:Flim 28:RainbowDash 29:Applebloom 30:Caramel 31:Fluttershy

mine: RD turns out to be my long lost sister xD

New Round

January: ******** drops your Phone in a puddle

February: You write a book about ***********

March: ********** Makes you your favorite meal

April: ******** plays a prank on you

May: You are jealous of **********

June: ********* buys you a swimming pool

July: ********* oddly asks for your autograph

August: You and ********** become arch enemies.

September: You and *********** go sky diving.

October: ********** eats all of your Nightmare night candy

November: ********** moves next door

December: ********** eats all your Christmas cookies

1:Spike  2:Snails  3:Shining Armor 4:Scootaloo  5:Twilight Sparkle 6:Celestia  7:SunsetShimmer  8:Derpy  9:Snips  10:SweetieBelle 11:Applejack  12:Roseluck  13:Cadence  14:Ocativia  15:Discord  16:RainbowDash  17:Luna  18:Babseed  19:PhotoFinish  20:Pinkiepie  21:Lyra  22:Trixie  23:Fluttershy  24:AppleBloom  25:Caramel  25th:Chrysalis  26th:DiamondTiara  27th:LightningDust  28th:Silverspoon  29th:Rarity  30th:Grumpycat  31st:Mayor-mare