So, it has been about 3 months have passed since S5's debut episode, The Cutie Map aired. Overall, having watched every episode up to E13 (Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?) Here are my thoughts on the season.

The guys at Hasbro are really giving many shout-outs to the fandom with special episodes like Slice of Life, where some of the fandom's most loved characters, such as Derpy, Bon bon, Lyra and Octavia are placed in the limelight, with their own speaking roles. In fact, I loved this episode so much that I actually watched it like 10 times :)

Then there are the returns of many characters from previous seasons. Gilda and Steven Magnet from S1, Matilda and CCD from S2, Flutterbat, Zapp, Mistress Mare-vellous and rainbowfied Mane 6 from S4 (another fav season of mine). These characters make the show even more unique and worth watching. 

And furthermore, S5 is packed with new characters that are really amazing. Like Sugar Belle and Party Favor. So much that when I saw them, I said to myself: "More fabulous poofy mane ponies in the making" and screenshotted all of the scenes with both of them in it. :3 And who would even expect Princess Big Mac? XDXD

So yeah. S5 is GREAT. Can't wait for the remainder of S5 and S6 tho. *mouth starts to water*

Anyway, what do you guys think about S5? Just put them down in the comments.