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    The colors of the mane 6

    September 26, 2012 by AmyRosegirl12

    OK, I found perbang and found out the some colors are not right. If you're an admin or a MLP fan please understend this

    Mane colors(correct in my opinion):

    Twilight Sparkle: Dark Sapphire Blue with moderate violet and brilliant rose streak

    Pinkie Pie: Brilliant Raspberry

    Rainbow Dash: light brilliant red, brilliant tangelo, pale, light grayish gold, grayish harequin, brilliant conflower blue, and grayish violet.

    Rarity: Moderate persian blue.

    Fluttershy:Pale, light grayish rose.

    Applejack: Pale, light grayish gols

    Coat colors:

    Twilight Sparkle: Pale, light grayish mulberry.

    Pinkie Pie: Pale, light grayish rose.

    Rainbow Dash: Pale, light grayish conflower blue or cerulean.

    Rarity: Light cornflower bluish gray.

    Fluttershy: Pale, light grayish gold.


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  • AmyRosegirl12

    please! If they wanna edit pages, LET THEM! I mean It's not a right to tell them not to edit it. If they edit it LEAVE IT! Do not re-edit them and tell on the user to a founder or an admin. Like for example

    • light azure gray to very light blue or just white.
    • pale amber yellow to light yellow

    It's not a crime. On wikipedia, Rarity's body color (colour) is white. Oh please don't make a fuss over it. :(

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