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    Magnus Errorem

    February 1, 2016 by Androkon

    "Well, as long as nothing 'unexpected' happens, we should be fine..." - D.J.

    Distort "Magnus Errorem" Journey, also referred to as D.J., is a human that has traveled from the "Equestria Girls" universe (further referenced as "the alternate universe") into the "MLP" universe (further referenced as "the universe"), where he bacame a unicorn. He hit his head while landing on the ground after leaving the trans-dimensional rift with a high speed. He has lost all memory of who or where he is. He also forgot how he came there. He now tries to find a way back home and regain his identity.

    Although his goals may vary if the required roleplay type doesn't allow the execution of his goals.

    He has, because of his arrival, a wound right on his forehead. H…

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