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  • AngelJay

    Profile transfer

    January 9, 2017 by AngelJay

    This is no fairy tale. I come on chat and I'm subjected to constant micro managing, bullying and unfairness. The reason I come on chat is to make friends and once upon a time, I did that but ever since the arrival of certain users, that's been absolutely shattered.

    I used to love coming on chat to see my friends and talk to them and just generally relax and have fun. This was so important to me because I value friendship so much, it's the reason I love MLP, it's all about friendship, and I figured that by coming in chat on this wiki I would make friends. I thought that I would meet people with similar ideals as me and that everyone would want to be friends and that there would be an overall nice atmosphere. However, there is a hell of a lot…

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  • AngelJay

    Unfair ban much?

    July 10, 2016 by AngelJay

    So I called smith a turd on main, obviously not seriously, and got a warning from throwy about language. Sooo I brought up the point that I've always said turd and it's not even swearing. Soo then I used piss which as we all know is /allowed in chat./ I got kicked by him and then came back and said that piss is one of the words we allow in chat and got banned for saying so. where's the logic in that? And considering that throwy comes on chat like twice a year shouldn't even be so harsh. He doesn't even know how chat works.

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