• AngelShauna

    Cosplay Group Chaos

    December 3, 2011 by AngelShauna

    Ok so I'm new to wikia so idk if anyone will even read this... anyway!

    I need friendship advice, fast! In March there is an anime convention I've been planning on going to and I want to cosplay as fluttershy :3 and then it was really great when I got my sister(best friend, sister by heart, yknow?) into the show, and she's a TOTAL rainbow dash-ish person, so she wants to cosplay as dashie. Before I knew it, friends were asking left and right to join a my little pony cosplay group! I was super happy, but things have turned sour. Another friend of mine who originally agreed to being princess celestia decided that she would rather be rainbow dash. I told her that my sister is dash, and that she would make an awesome derpy hooves, but she won't …

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