Oh my gosh!!! My little pony is amazing!! (Except for G1, of course) Haven't you noticed all of the haters disappearing? Haven't you saw, with your own eyes, all of the population exaporating into broniness? Haven't you visited for the ultimate goodness? Haven't you spent hours staring at Derpy pictures?? 
Rarity sees the three small diamonds S2E01

See? Rarity is SO cute!

You are probably a brony/pegasister! I support bronies and pegasisters. They are awesome!!! And I like the episode Magic Duel best, by the way. Anyway, Rarity is always the cutest, most miraculous pony ever! (Although Rainbow Dash is VERY close) I just <3 blubbering about My little Pony, don't you? Well I was just bored anyway. 
Trixie red eyes S3E5

Evil Trixie strikes again!

Don't you think so too?? Well I can't waste your time forever, so go and make me proud! Add an irrelevant article! Seach for Rarity wearing fancy outfits! Soon, everyone will become bronies! I am sure of it! That is enough for today! I shall blog again, tomorrow! :) Add me! Talk to me! Smile! Think about MLP!

Sincerely, Angelina Lu, 408, Pegasister at your service 
Princess Cadance cute expression S2E26

Yes, that is me staring worriedly at my hands.

Main Six determined to have the Best Night Ever S1E26

The Mane six in awesome uniforms looking cool