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  • I live in Salinas, CA
  • I was born on January 22
  • My occupation is Drawing
  • I am Male
  • AnimationFan15


    June 20, 2014 by AnimationFan15

    I think I won't be editing here for a while. Why?

    1. My edits constantly getting reverted.
    2. Can't add exact detail to stuff.
    3. Everything already gets added before I get the chance.
    4. Not allowed to use bullet points in summaries (see revision history for Shake your Tail! in MLP: EG: RR animated shorts section).
    5. Everytime I add something fascinating to a page on an episode that wasn't released yet, it gets deleted. Then when the episode comes out, someone else adds it and gets all the credit.

    That's basically it. No point editing here when all the details I add get removed.

    Ever get that same feeling? You try your best to make things better, only for them get removed? It's like rubbing salt into the wound.

    PS, go to my proflie on another one of my favorit…

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  • AnimationFan15

    Pony or Human?

    May 30, 2014 by AnimationFan15

    Do you prefer the characters in their pony forms or human forms?

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  • AnimationFan15

    Which moment do you think is sadder?


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  • AnimationFan15

    Episode Wishes

    May 29, 2014 by AnimationFan15

    If you wished for your idea to become an episode, what would you call it and what's its storyline?

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  • AnimationFan15

    What's your most favorite episode that stars your most favorite pony? Mine is Fluttershy in Filli Vanilli, because she's so funny when she got her deep voice back again, and I absolutely love Fluttershy because she's so quiet all the time, and she's scared of everything, which makes up her character.

    PS, non-pony characters count.

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