• I live in my pimp castle
  • I was born on October 31
  • My occupation is Makin propaganda fer the illuminati via anime
  • I am the bes
  • Animefan9999

    I have a little contest. Whoever draws the best drawing of my oc black tea will get a mention in my fanfic. here are some guidelines

    1. if he is kissing anyone or the like it can either be with rainbow dash or twilight

    2. he is twililights butler.

    3. he is a good musician

    4. and his element of harmony is love

    you dont have to use all these guidlines but just remeber these

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  • Animefan9999

    Ask me a Questuon. ANY question. I will not ansewer certain questions but I will ansewer cerain ones. HAPPY ASKIN!!!

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