• WARNING!* this blog will contain spoilers to the season 8 premiere of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic if you have yet to watch the 2 parter and wish not to be spoiled, then I highly advise you to click off this blog immediately and for those who are sticking around I hope you all enjoy what I have to say about the premiere...

so let me start off by saying how much I loved seeing the show itself acknowledge the events of what transpired during the movie and the ramifications it had on Equestria, not only that but we also got a sort of excuse why we probably won't be seeing Tempest in the show for a while (with her going around the world spreading the news of the Storm Kings defeat and the lessons of friendship she learned) I also really liked how the map expanded and on top of the valuable experience of having gone on that world saving journey cause Twilight to realize all the more importance of the making the sure the message of friendship reaches far and wide through tool of having a school of friendship,

though as usual things don't go exactly with for Twilight as this is her first time creating and running a school and she learns from Princess Celestia that she sorta has to answer to the E.E.A (Equestria Education Association) as they are in charge of what goes on in every school in Equestria which leads us to our antagonist of the 2 parter Chancellor Neighsayer, who we find out is very discriminatory towards other creatures outsides of ponies throughout the 2 parter, I really like how through this 2 parter it shows the show going for a more progessive route with having this friendship school being for not just ponies but creatures of all kind without it feeling too out of place and forced, I really love all the new student characters and I love the mane 7 (and yes I consider Starlight one of the main cast by now) as staff of the school,

I also really loved the 2 new songs in this premiere which imo is really nice considering it's been since *Season 3* when we last had more than 1 song in a season premiere, and like most of the past songs of MLP I liked how these songs flowed naturally with the plot and how it help pushed it further and helped convey the emotions/feelings the characters were experiencing through the songs, and lastly I liked how when the antagonist (Chancellor Neighsayer) got exposed at the end of the 2 parter, instead of doing something over the top he just leaves on an omnious note which leaves thing to open interpertation as to whether or not he'll return and if he does at some point down the road what he'll plan to do(?) 

personally I think he probably return later down the road to cause more trouble for the mane 7 and the school as we clearly saw he didn't learned anything about friendship and acceptance and still has that begrudging hatred to other creatures and if anything I feel like the events of this 2 parter was more fuel for his fire with his discriminative nature and probably feeling betrayed by "his own kind" which probably makes him even more angry towards these other creatures than he already was and probably sees the mane 7 and Celestia as threat to his idealize Equestria, but that's just my theory and only time will tell,

overall a great premiere and start to Season 8 (9/10) and thank you all for reading my blog and tell me what you all thought of the premiere in the comments below, and as always...
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