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  • AppleJon

    An Era Ends

    June 18, 2015 by AppleJon

    I've been debating how I'm going to do this.

    Would I give a big, heartfelt goodbye? No one is left anyway.

    Would I go out hating and demeaning everything? Not worth my energy.

    This is my resignation, my leaving.

    If you think this was only because of Smith becoming a mod, or Throwy coming out of rotted woodwork, you wouldn't be right but not wrong. It's the state of everything.

    A little about myself: I first joined here in December of 2011 after discovering the show. Everyone on here was so nice, it was great. I found a nice community after my last wiki went down the hole. 2012 continued like that.

    2013 saw some crap, things weren't the same, people were leaving.

    2014 really took a tailspin.

    And 2015 sees a chat completely obliterated by children, …

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  • AppleJon

    Today we mourn the loss of a great operating system. But it was long overdue.

    Pay your respects here.

    And if you're a part of the 25% who are still on it, get off of it! At least go to Windows 7, if not 8.x.

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  • AppleJon

    Twilight inherits Rainbow Crash’s ability to fly. Then Celestia is tripped by some fast-growing black weed, which may or may not have been smoked off screen. Meanwhile, in some hermit’s cottage near the Sequoia National forest, a dead photo sharing service begins to smoke this same weed.

    Applejack, otherwise known as #BESTPONE20XX, encounters torpedo vine on her farm. Not knowing the proper methods of removing said vine (you can only set all afflicted areas on fire), she decides to go into the weed business, which is an instant success until the forest becomes sentient and hosts the goods itself, eliminating the middleman.

    The hexagonal system mainframe approached Q, back from trolling Picard, Riker, Data, and all those other Federation punk…

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  • AppleJon

    Members of the wiki, I wish you with all my heart to hear what I have to say.

    A year ago I was here, not in a blog but the chat itself, before admins, mods, regular users, and God to try to begin something. Something that, by all the strength in which to say it, must be done now, or never.

    Over the course of the last year and the five months of this one, I have seen a great, glorious, loved wiki begin a tumble down a long hill of weakening hardships and loss. Why? Because our community has gone to unreachable pits of Hell. Every day, it seems, we see another fight crop up in the forums, another controversy strike the chat, another user leave. It's hard to watch. This place means to much to me - and to others, let me tell you - to just let it…

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  • AppleJon

    -cracks fingers- Okay fillies, let's do this. Today I shall write about my experiences I have gained and shared with the lot of you, here or no longer here, since December 8th, 2011. The day I became a brony, and the day I joined this wiki. I hope you all enjoy it.

    * * *

    We begin our tale on the date I just mentioned - The eighth day of the twelve month of the year two thousand eleven. I had just watched my first episode, Sweet and Elite, and despite the fact it was a Rarity episode, I still liked it plenty enough to become a fan. So I enter this chatroom - I had previously been an active member of LMBW, so I wasn't technically a Wikia newbie - still with hardly an idea of what MLP:FiM was all about. All I knew was that is was ponies, and th…

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