I've been debating how I'm going to do this.

Would I give a big, heartfelt goodbye? No one is left anyway.

Would I go out hating and demeaning everything? Not worth my energy.

This is my resignation, my leaving.

If you think this was only because of Smith becoming a mod, or Throwy coming out of rotted woodwork, you wouldn't be right but not wrong. It's the state of everything.

A little about myself: I first joined here in December of 2011 after discovering the show. Everyone on here was so nice, it was great. I found a nice community after my last wiki went down the hole. 2012 continued like that.

2013 saw some crap, things weren't the same, people were leaving.

2014 really took a tailspin.

And 2015 sees a chat completely obliterated by children, bend-over-backwards rules, fights, wrongful bans and demotions. Air of tension and hatred and uncomfort and harrassment.

I've had enough of this. All of it. Everyone I was ever friends with is gone or moved on to steam and skype.

The only reason I liked here for the past year was its convenience. But now it is far more trouble than it is worth. I refuse to share a title or a chat with people like what pervades this wiki today.

So today I hang my hat. Three and a half years, and I have to throw it away with a bitter taste in my mouth.

If you want my steam, it's clubman8. Skype is clubman6498. Tell me who you are. I may or may not accept.