-cracks fingers- Okay fillies, let's do this. Today I shall write about my experiences I have gained and shared with the lot of you, here or no longer here, since December 8th, 2011. The day I became a brony, and the day I joined this wiki. I hope you all enjoy it.

* * *

We begin our tale on the date I just mentioned - The eighth day of the twelve month of the year two thousand eleven. I had just watched my first episode, Sweet and Elite, and despite the fact it was a Rarity episode, I still liked it plenty enough to become a fan. So I enter this chatroom - I had previously been an active member of LMBW, so I wasn't technically a Wikia newbie - still with hardly an idea of what MLP:FiM was all about. All I knew was that is was ponies, and they do stuff. I mean, when people mentioned Fluttershy, which I read as 'Shutterfly', I was wondering to myself, "some pony that takes pictures?"

In any case, that visit, which only lasted all of about 5 minutes, told me that this wiki was a keeper. Everyone was so...nice! I didn't have a pony avatar, I didn't have a pony-related name, I didn't even say I was a brony, but I was still met with "hello Jonbuddy1", "hi Jon", and they didn't even know me! With such kindness, I knew I was in for an enjoyable time to spend here.

Over the next few months, I made some good friends, like Alana3 (who now goes by Alana Katana), Derp muffin, and Princepony9. Granted, I do not correspond with these users on any sort of regular basis anymore, but I still will note them.

We now have reached a fairly big milestone (for the time). One day - I assume in February or March, that is quite up in the air - the chat was a big goat rodeo (nothing we haven't seen before, right?). Though for a small part at the start of it I was being wild too, I quickly realized things were out of hand, so I decided to help out the (quite few) mods/admins to calm everyone down. Then I get a PM from BluesirTheFox. I don't remember what we exactly discussed, except I distinctly remember him saying something along the lines of "you could make a good mod someday". I was still not actively working towards the goal, but the idea was implanted just as well.

June. June was a good month, it really was. I was definitely settled in to this wiki by that time. I also was able to get on from 11pm-2 or 3am EST, which was a time in desperation for more chat moderators. One day, Foodbandlt, a good friend of mine and also an admin by this time, came on chat. He asks something akin to, "So, you'll be on around this time often?" I answer, "yeah". The rest is history.

July. July was both a great month, and a terrible month. I should start with the reasons why it was a bad month first, so I can end this section with the reasons for greatness. Early in July, I fought with a user, who, for the sake of keeping the past in the past - where it belongs - I will not name. I got really mad, said some things I should not have said, sounded extremely childish, especially for a mod, and I was stripped of my rights. After about a week, however, I was given them back on a second chance.

How was July a good month, you ask? Well, it's because I made my closest active friend on this wiki. (I haven't forgotten you, fade and banana!) I was perusing Halo Nation for the hell of it, and I joined the chat. It was there I met Halo4master (now TheUltimateH4M). I'm not sure the exact details of our talk, but long story short I got him to join this wiki and chat. We've been best friends ever since. So yeah, July still had its high points.

The premiere of Season 3. I don't have much to say about this one, actually. Nothing big personally happened on this wiki, except for the influx of chatgoers on the morning of the premiere. So yeah.

I changed my username after the premiere of Too Many Pinkie Pies, after hearing a line from the episode. One of the clone Pinkies, in an attempt to say Applejack's name, says 'AppleJon/AppleJohn' instead. Figuring this name was good in so many ways - considering Applejack is my favorite pony, I was named after an brand of apple, my name is actually Jon, and that I love apples in general - I renamed my account. I don't regret it one bit.

December of 2012, my anniversary month of my time on this wiki, wasn't such a good month. For half of it, I was grounded, with no knowing of whether I was going to be able to return. I even asked for my moderator rights removed because of it. But, fortunately, I got ungrounded MUCH earlier than I expected to, and I got them back almost instantly.

In conclusion, I do have several tales to tell, don't I? I didn't cover a lot of business in the forums, you can easily look at the archives for that. But I'm not quite done with this blog...

Final Remarks

This is a shout-out to all my friends, past and present, who have made my time on here a good use of it and quite excellent overall.

A very special shout-out goes to two users who I feel I can always converse with, no matter the subject or the time. I love you, Fade and Banana. TtHaA.png Spike_and_rarity_s_heart_shaped_fire_ruby_by_edwardten-d4jbvk5.png

This is an apology to any I may have hurt.

This is a thank-you to most of the wiki mods, admins, and bureaucrats who strive to make this wiki great.

All of you guys are the best. Here's to the future!