Twilight inherits Rainbow Crash’s ability to fly. Then Celestia is tripped by some fast-growing black weed, which may or may not have been smoked off screen. Meanwhile, in some hermit’s cottage near the Sequoia National forest, a dead photo sharing service begins to smoke this same weed.

Applejack, otherwise known as #BESTPONE20XX, encounters torpedo vine on her farm. Not knowing the proper methods of removing said vine (you can only set all afflicted areas on fire), she decides to go into the weed business, which is an instant success until the forest becomes sentient and hosts the goods itself, eliminating the middleman.

The hexagonal system mainframe approached Q, back from trolling Picard, Riker, Data, and all those other Federation punks. Q, being the coolest antihero of all time, tells them to go and gather the Water Crystal for King Baron like they were supposed to. But that just wouldn’t do, now would it?

The double-trifecta of love goes to find the visitor from Africa, Zecora, and inquire why she was fired as the proprietary owner of the Black Weed Coalition-endorsed Sequoia National Forest dime store. She distracted them from the inquiry by giving them purple drank and spoiled milk. Twilight, being unnaturally thirsty, drinks both. She travels back in time more flawlessly than Michael J. Fox and witnesses some unimportant character named Earth’s Moon turn evil.

Witnessing Mew and Mewtwo fight, Twilight recovers from hyperventilation on her own after seeing Ash turn to stone. Then she drinks the milk, and sees Q get shunned by Picardestia and Kirkuna.

Star Trek: Generations II: The Quickening confirmed for December 18, 2015 release date.

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