Members of the wiki, I wish you with all my heart to hear what I have to say.

A year ago I was here, not in a blog but the chat itself, before admins, mods, regular users, and God to try to begin something. Something that, by all the strength in which to say it, must be done now, or never.

Over the course of the last year and the five months of this one, I have seen a great, glorious, loved wiki begin a tumble down a long hill of weakening hardships and loss. Why? Because our community has gone to unreachable pits of Hell. Every day, it seems, we see another fight crop up in the forums, another controversy strike the chat, another user leave. It's hard to watch. This place means to much to me - and to others, let me tell you - to just let it fall farther than it has.

Don't say it's not happening, because it most definitely is. Just in this past week, we've seen two users leave our chat, the community. Why is this so significant? I've heard things like, "The chat is not the wiki." "It doesn't matter, I don't go there." and other...EXCUSES to hide the underlying problems plaguing this site. Without the community, what is a wiki? Don't have an answer?

Because it is nothing.

It's not just the Chat Discussion forum that gets hit with a flurry of paragraphs-long dissertations nitpicking each other's responses until they are reduced to useless walls of text. I've seen it happen several times in the Wiki Discussion forum, as well. It's not something born of one cause. It is a monster of negligence.

Think I am too serious about this? That poor old Jon is just too attached to some internet site? Let me tell you, I'm not. I know others who care too much about this wiki to let it go, either. And you'll see them come out to play, I know.

Just please, I hate to sound like some teacher, but you don't have to love everyone - but for the love of God, stop fighting. Stop getting on each other's cases. Let the past be where it shall stay, and look to the future. I don't want to come back from my away time in the summer and see a wasteland.

So, members of the wiki. You are either part of the solution, or the problem. Choose.

_|[31 out.