This is one of those silly blog games, decided to go with the flow and make my own.

The rules of this game are as follows:

I will post a comment with 2 words, no more, no less. You must post another comment with 2 more words to make a continuing sentence. When one user feels the sentence is long enough, they can cap off their own 2 words with a period. Then a user can start another sentence with 2 more words. Repeat. The final sentences can be as random and all over the place as you want, but they must be gramatically cohesive. Example of how you should play the game:

Me: I like

Person 1: Ponies, and

Person 2: battleships too.

Have fun! 

UPDATE: I will look at the collective sentences and post the final story here when it's finished (rather, when this post loses popularity).

And here's the compiled story!

One day, I sat on a pig that burned to death and gave 1 pork that I sadly burned before the creepers saw me kill the pig, but Herobrine snuck upand tried to die, but instead tried to dance polka with the multitude of crickets that were wanting free pizza and pencils to make a giant rollercoaster out of cake pops. But they then descended into a bubbly waterfall and dealt with the cave troll on the brink of war and then opened a fallout shelter in Clarke County Nevada, where the ninja turtles ate the food at Colonel Form's with sauce and cheese with a broken keyboard lego sandwich, or banjos on fire. But then Flutterbat flew by and said "Hello. The pegasus is pink and has a pretty big tail and a big face and collects jewels for the king". And the king says "Bring me my sword and defeat the evil beings." A peaceful caterpillar was climbing a tree one day to see a potato. The cake was a lie. The evil king eventually took money from an ATM and then ate a burger at McDonalds.

The End.

That was confusing (c:)